Company Overview

  As a leading online gaming media and value added service provider as well as the No. 1 gaming web portal in China, 17173 focuses mainly on providing information in a variety of areas, as well as interactive entertainment and value added services to gamers and games companies.

  Using our keen insight, ample industry knowledge and unique corporate identity, we have served the public for 11 years, and are proud to hold the highest number of registered users and average daily page views in the industry. 17173 is the most popular game web portal among Chinese gamers both domestically and abroad, attracting users from all demographic groups. Most of these are in the 19 to 33 years age range, and are typically the most gifted online gamers with a high online rate, APRU and adhesion.

   At 17173, we pride ourselves on knowing all there is to know about gaming. 17173 is the first stop for games-related information, functioning as both an encyclopedia of games and a communication platform for games enthusiasts. 17173 also plays an important role as an industry indicator for games companies, as well as a valuable promotion platform.

   With nearly 600 columns of rich, professional content, 17173 covers 95% of China’s games, making us the largest gaming information resource in China. With our News Center, New MMO Channel, Game Forum, Game Blog, Game Encyclopedia, Flash Games, Web Games, Console Games, and Download Website, we provide China’s games industry with the most professional, reliable and detailed information, as well as providing excellent value added services via the Points Mall and User Center functions.

   Forging an important bond between games companies, players and channels, 17173 not only provides the highest volume of the latest gaming information, we are also devoted to creating a healthy environment in the domestic gaming industry, promoting ethical conduct and social awareness. Every year, we hold all kinds of events such as the Storm Games Convention, the ACG Carnival and the MMO Market Investigation. These events alone have greatly influenced the industry as a whole, via print media, the Internet and TV.

  17173 holds a large charity event every year on World MMO Day, calling on the whole MMO industry to give something back to the Chinese players and pay more attention to our teenage users. This event has garnered attention from many games companies and plays an important role in both the gaming industry and wider society.

  For many, 17173 acts as a window into the development of China’s game industry, allowing users to better understand its current situation and direction. We have been named “the most valuable game website brand” and “the most popular game website” by several reputable sources, and since the first Game Industry Annual Conference in 2004 we have consistently taken the top spot in The Ten Best Game Media Companies rankings.