Business Timeline

  • January The 2010 China Game Industry Annual Conference is held in Dalian. 17173 stays at the top of the Ten Best Game Media Companies for the seventh time.
  • March On March 21, 17173 initiates the World MMO Day charity event “Let Dreams Fly”. From 2011 onwards, 17173 promises to cooperate with games companies to carry out two nationwide public welfare initiatives: a scholarship plan and campus broadband project. Gamers unite to bring these plans into fruition.

    The 17173 Storm Games Convention is held in Beijing, attracting the biggest names in China’s gaming industry. 17173 is placed in “The Ten Best News Resources in 2009” and “2009 Storm Chinese Online Game Rankings”, which are both based on gamers’ votes. The “Eye To Eye” feature helps build a link between gamers and companies.
  • June First season of 17173 G1 Golden League.
  • July to August The Ninth 17173 ACG Carnival is held in Chengdu, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing.
  • September 17173 introduces the game assistance tool, Game Lamp.
  • October Storm Chinese Online Game Rankings and the Eleventh Annual Chinese MMO Market Report are announced.

    Second season of 17173 G1 Golden League.
  • November 2011 Chinese Online Games’ Top 10 Videos are announced.

    ChangYou merges with 17173.